NATUR BIOKAL 02 plant conditioner

It can be used effectively in case of all arable and horticultural crops, either alone or in combination with plant protection products. When using the product larger, brighter, greener leaves richer chlorophyll develop. It improves the abiotic stress tolerance e.g. drought, etc. Higher potassium content helps in better water balance, ripening of canes, coloring of vegetable cultures, formation of flavorings. It is recommended primarily from the middle of the growing season until harvesting or deciduous fall.

The plant conditioners have a significant effect on pathogens and pests, so they have effect the health, condition and performance of the plant.

The Hungarian Bioculture Association has been registering the product as usable for organic farming since 31 January 2003.

Biokontroll Hungária Ltd. has also added it to the list of usable products for organic farming since 7. March 2011.


– Special extract from various herbs with thermal water (45%)

– bio humous extract (40%)

– aqueous extract of wood ash (has a natural alkalising effect) (10%)

– essential oils (5%)

– macro- and microelements

– amino acids

– other organic acids

– substances that stimulate root growth

– enzymes

– proteins


– for the foliage treatment of arable crops in quantities of 10-20 l/ha, 2-4 times during the growing season, at a concentration of 5-6 %,

– for the foliage treatment of vegetables in quantities of 10-15 l/ha, 4 times during the growing season, at a concentration of 5 to 6 %,

– in fruit crops: 15-20 l/ha in apples, 10 l/ha in blackberries and 15-30 l/ha in grapes 3-4 times during the growing season, at a concentration of 5-6 %.

– In a small gardens: 0,5 dl Biokal 02 for 10 l water

The product family is available to everyone because plant protection permission is not required for purchasing it. In domestic small gardens all plants can be grown completely chemical-free.


Any products of the Natur Biokal family can be sprayed out together with any plant protection products, but before that it is necessary to do a mixing test. It amplifies the effect of the plant protection products when sprayed together with chemicals, so that the number of treatments can be reduced.

If possible, the product has to be sprayed out separately.

The Biokal 02 doesn’t contain synthetic chemicals. The Biokal 02 is environmentally friendly and isn’t harmful for the animals, plants and human beings.

Food health care waiting time: 0 day

Work health care waiting time: 0 day

Storage and durability:

Store in a cool but frost-free place away from direct sunlight. In unopened packaging, the durability is 2 years.


1 liter, 5 liter, 10 liter, 20 liter, 50 liter, 600 liter, 1000 liter

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