Advantages of the BIOKAL product family

They have antifungal and insect repellent properties, making it suitable for biological control against pathogens and pests.

The oils and essential oils in the product have a repellent effect against several pests. With regular usage, serious plant protection effects against pathogens can also be observed. With regular usage of the product, adequate nutrient supply is ensured, so that the natural defenses (immunity) and biochemical characteristics of the plants are improved, the skin tissue is strengthened, thereby they become more resistant against fungal diseases.

Organic seed treating

The Natur Biokal 01 applied to the surface of the seeds at a minimum concentration of 25% significantly increases the germination power of the seeds and the uniformity of germination. It also has a positive effect on soil life around the seeds. 

Weather adversity

Because of the more increasingly extreme weather there are prolonged droughts or torrential rains.  The BIOKAL product family is a solution to these environmental problems, because it improves the water management and stress tolerance of the plant.

There are increasingly common hailstones, serious mechanical foliage damage due to sand beat, plant protection problems that can be regenerated quickly and efficiently with this plant conditioner.

Improving crop quality and quantity

Thanks to the macro-micro and meso elements in the product, the nutrient supply will be harmonious. Bio humus and high organic material content have a positive effect on the activity of the photosynthesis, thereby increasing the quality and quantity of the crop.

Thanks to the herbal extracts in the product, plants grow healthier. Crop depression due to chemical plant protection stress does not occur, resulting in a further improvement in yield and quality.

According to the experience the treated plants blossoming longer, bonds better, so that they can grow larger and higher quality crops.

Increase internal values

In the case of wheat because of the increased photosynthesis and healthier foliage, protein levels were higher where the BIOKAL product family was used compered with the untreated ones.

Organic farming

While using the product family only naturally occurring ingredients are taken out, what ensures the production of healthier, more natural foods. The usage of the products are allowed by the Hungarian Bioculture Association since 2003 and by Biokontroll Hungária Ltd. since 2011.