BIOKAL 01 natural plant vitalizer




Organic fertilizers are a kinder, gentler way to give plants the nutrients they need. Organic fertilizers usually come from plants, animals, or minerals and contain a variety of nutrients to enhance the soil ecosystem. Synthetic fertilizers don't enhance soil life or add organic matter. Other benefits for using organic fertilizers over synthetics are:

  • They release their nutrients more slowly in the soil, when the plants need them, so they last longer.

  • The nutrients are contained in complex molecules that won't leach away with the first rain.

  • They are less likely to burn the young roots of seedlings. Synthetic fertilizers are made from mineral salts that can kill roots as well as soil microbes if applied improperly.

  • They enhance soil health by nurturing (or at least not harming) the soil microbes that help make soil nutrients available to plants.




BIOKAL-01  is  most effective for plants with hard leaves.


      100% organic and natural



      Effective on all plants

      Concentrated for long shelf life

      Cost efficient (highly concentrated, dilutable solution)



Ingredients: Extract of different herbs in thermal/mineral water (57%), essence of biohumus (38 %), volatile oils (5%), containing macro and micro nutrients, amino acids, organic acids, root growth stimulants, enzymes, proteins, vitamins, minerals,cations (1007,30 mg/l), anions (2240,70 mg/l)

BIOKAL-01 is prepared using a special thermal mineral water, so its may have a special odour  which evaporates however in a short time. 


  • improves general health and biochemical characteristics of plants,

  • strengthens  the immune system (natural resistance) of plants,

  • helps and assists in the complete utilization of physiological reserves of the vegetating plant and stimulates the normal metabolic process,

  • plants show a greater resistance to adverse growing conditions,

  • helps the plant to overcome critical periods throughout the entire growing cycle,

  • accelerates growth

  • results in bigger, brighter leaves, richer in chlorophyll

  • helps plants flower more,  flowering time gets longer

  • bigger, more prolific crops,  considerable increase in both fruit quality and production in quantity.



BIOKAL-01 is an all-purpose organic COMPOUND for use on all plants, especially plants with hard, rough leaves, evergreens with acicular leaves, trees that are suitable to create woods, other trees, shrubs, fruit trees, vines, etc.       


BIOKAL-01 is suitable to ensure the proper nutrient supply  of plants including

  • field crops,

  • horticultural crops &

  • fruit crops.




BIOKAL-01 plant vitalizer is a purely natural extract,  is a growth nutrient for plants, flowers and crop production and is not a chemical fertilizer. BIOKAL-01 is a 100% organic product, safe for plants and animals, and designed to benefit the earth’s environment while reducing the demand for costly fertilizers. BIOKAL-01 is formulated and bottled in a ready-to-dilute solution for easy and immediate use. Highly concentrated, it’s a cost-efficient way to achieve healthier, more vibrant plants.


Is BIOKAL-01 a plant fertilizer?


BIOKAL-01 is neither an agricultural chemical nor a plant fertilizer. It is an all natural solution that supports healthy plants. Hence, BIOKAL-01 is referred to as a plant “vitalizer”, or plant growth enhancer.


How does BIOKAL-01 affect leaves?


Plants need the sunlight, air (carbon dioxide and oxygen), water and soil (minerals and

micro-organisms) to grow. If the delicate balance of these elements is not maintained, growth is slowed or stopped. Sunlight and carbon dioxide are absorbed into the plant’s system through its leaves, where photosynthesis produces glucose and other nutrients necessary for survival. When BIOKAL-01 solution is sprayed onto foliage and applied to the soil, the plant absorbs necessary nutrients from both places. These plant nutrients are combined with ionized calcium and sodium from BIOKAL-01 and absorbed into the leaves’ cells, thereby strengthening the cells and increasing photosynthetic efficiency. This results in greener leaves and stronger, healthier plants.


How does BIOKAL-01 help in stem and root development?


The main function of the roots and stem of a plant is the absorption and transportation of water and other nutrients. Healthy leaves depend on healthy roots. Water and nutrients, especially calcium, are necessary for the development of leaves and roots, but many minerals cannot be absorbed into the plant’s system in their solid form. These minerals have to be converted to an ionic state in order to be easily absorbed through the roots, and this is done by micro-organisms living in the soil. By applying BIOKAL-01 plant vitalizer the activity of these micro-organisms is enhanced, insuring that the necessary balance of plant nutrients is maintained. The result is stronger root systems, capable of storing sufficient quantities of the plant’s energy sources, such as glucose. In addition to these essential ionized minerals, BIOKAL-01 contains  metabolites which replenish micro-organisms with oxygen.

The stem is the pathway by which nutrients are transported to and from the leaves and roots, and it is also the backbone of the plant. Solid cell membranes are required for this function. Healthy cells and sufficient nourishment result in the smooth distribution of carbohydrates, which are necessary for strengthening cell membranes. With the introduction of BIOKAL-01, nutrient flow from the leaves and roots is maximized, contributing to the healthy development of the stem.


Does BIOKAL-01 help in conditioning of the soil?


Soil should be soft and contain a good balance of water and air, and should allow good drainage after rain or irrigation. It should also maintain proper moisture even during sunny weather and should be neutral to mildly acidic. In such conditions, the balance of micro-organisms in the soil will be favorable. However, factors such as acidic rain, agricultural chemicals, and repeated cultivation can harm the soil and stunt the growth of the essential microorganisms. With BIOKAL-01 plant vitalizer, the propagation and proper balance of these micro-organisms can be maintained. It is ideal for both the home gardener and use in sustainable farming practices.


Is BIOKAL-01 harmful to my pet and other animals?


As stated, BIOKAL-01 organic plant vitalizer is a product that is safe on living creatures. Therefore, it is not an insecticide. Plants have natural defense mechanisms, similar to the immune system of humans. However, if a plant is not in optimum condition, its immune system will not be as effective, and hence vulnerable to attack by harmful insects. By improving the plant’s immune system, BIOKAL-01 will help remedy this.


In conclusion


BIOKAL-01, an extract manufactured entirely from renewable resources and without the use of chemicals, serves as a nutrient and vitalizer for the plant itself. It works to improve the growth processes and immune functions of the plant by helping it to attain its original, optimum potentials.

We believe that healthy plants should require no agricultural chemicals or synthetic fertilizers to thrive. When used as directed, BIOKAL-01 organic plant vitalizer can help to reduce over-fertilization and the unnecessary use of chemicals, resulting in a safer, healthier environment for all living things.





Applied as general conditioner generally before sprouting to enhance the ecobalance of the soil.

Factors such as acidic rain, agricultural chemicals, and repeated cultivation can harm the soil and stunt the growth of the essential microorganisms.

With BIOKAL-01 plant vitalizer, the propagation and proper balance of these micro-organisms can be maintained. It is ideal for both the home gardener and use in sustainable farming practices.


  • strengthens the roots and allows the plant to use the nutrients and minerals in the soil more efficiently. It improves the water economy of the plant making the plant more durable during periods of drought or irregular rainfall.

  • creates stronger, greener leaves, which is an essential condition for photosynthesis and further development.

  • strengthens the plant's resistance to pests and extreme weather conditions.

  • BIOKAL'S organic materials, mineral salts and trace elements can increase the mineral transmission ability of the soil for a longer period.



Surprisingly, plants take in nutrients more efficiently through stomata (plant pores) in their leaves than they do through root uptake. You can give your growing things a quick boost with periodic mists or sprays of natural foliar fertilizer BIOKAL-01.

Not only it is good for general fertilization, it is an immediate way to revive and stimulate stressed, tired, or diseased plants.

Foliar Fertilizer Factoids:

  • Tests have shown that foliar feeding can be 8 to 10 times more effective than soil feeding.

  • Up to 90% of a foliar-fed solution can be found in the roots of a plant within 1-hour of application.

  • Foliar feeding is an effective way to compensate for soil deficiencies and poor soil’s inability to transfer nutrients to the plant.

Thus,  the most efficient and economical method to apply BIOKAL-01 is to vaporize it onto the foliage.   This foliar feeding should be repeated several times, preferebly at 3 weeks’ intervals.

Convenient nutrient supply should be ensured during the main stages of the plant’s growth cycle (e.g. germination – sprouting, roots and leaf development, tillering, stem elongation, inflorescence emergence ( bud formation),  flowering, seed development) so that the  treated plant may develop in the most optimal way.

Vaporization can be made with a simple bottle and  a sprinkler. In small gardens you can spread   BIOKAL 01 solution in suitable dilution with a manual or a backpack portable vaporizer. 



The logical approach to pest control is to create a balance of organisms in your yard or garden. In a diverse ecosystem pest populations are regulated naturally. Development of this balance relies on least-toxic products that minimize harm to beneficial insects. Natural products, like BIOKAL-01 are used to help control them.

If garden pests are present the least-toxic method should be used first:  BIOKAL-01 is a good solution.  It acts like a barrier,  like barbed wire to keep crawling pests, such as ants, out. The special volatile oil content of BIOKAL-01 gives effective protection against the ants without endangering our children and our pets.

Special volatile oil contents

Because of its special volatile oil contents it is very effective against different plant destroyers (plant-louses, insects, mites etc.).  To get the best protection against a parasite or pathogen you should make the treatment several  times (usually three times) in order to prepare an efffective defence against the next generation as well, just like in case of other traditional plant protection chemicals.


This product cuts back proliferation of  numerous virusesbacteria and fungi, so it is advisable to use it alone or in combination with other substances to combat those. It is very effective  against Erwinia amylovora, too.



The product has to be shaken up thoroughly before opening and use.

Nothing prevents using BIOKAL-01 in conjunction with other products.

If you use other products however, you should clean the tools used for sprinkling before you mix BIOKAL 01.

Preparation of spraying material:

Prepare batches of spraying solution by putting the indicated quantity of  BIOKAL-01 to 10 litres of water into a clean bowl. Safe mixing of water and spraying agent can be performed in spraying tower or in the tank of the spraying adapter. In both cases application directions must be adhered to.

Preparation of spraying machine:

Spraying machine or adapter must be prepared according to the directions written in the operating manual. It is important that pressure needed for spraying be set exactly, and the speed of the machine be defined beforehand.

Aftrer spraying, it is necessary to clean the tools with clean water. 



BIOKAL-01 is produced in accordance with organic guidelines. The materials used in the production process are derived from naturally occurring and sustainable sources and are consistent with organic principals and the list of allowed substances. BIOKAL-01 does NOT contain synthetic chemicals, animal components, animal by-products, manure or manure by-products.

BIOKAL-01 is environmentally safe, is not harmful to animals, plants and humans.

Store in a cool location away from direct sunlight - No special handling required


·         1 liter (plastic bottle)

·         5 liter (plastic can)

·         10 liter (plastic can)

·         1000 liter (plastic container on EUR-pallet)