BIOKAL 03 nutritive cube



Organic fertilizers are a kinder, gentler way to give plants the nutrients they need. Organic fertilizers usually come from plants, animals, or minerals and contain a variety of nutrients to enhance the soil ecosystem. Synthetic fertilizers don't enhance soil life or add organic matter. Other benefits for using organic fertilizers over synthetics are:

  • They release their nutrients more slowly in the soil, when the plants need them, so they last longer.

  • The nutrients are contained in complex molecules that won't leach away with the first rain.

  • They are less likely to burn the young roots of seedlings. Synthetic fertilizers are made from mineral salts that can kill roots as well as soil microbes if applied improperly.

  • They enhance soil health by nurturing (or at least not harming) the soil microbes that help make soil nutrients available to plants.



BIOKAL 03 nutritive cube: vitalizer, nutrient replenisher, soil disinfectant


  • biohumus extract,

  • natural BIOKAL concentrate,

  • alginit,

  • macro and micro elements,

  • natural minerals.


Active ingredients: (m/m% dry material)

  • nitrogen (N) 0,38

  • phosphorus (P2O5) 0,69

  • potassium (K2O) 0,57

  • calcium (Ca) 6,06

  • magnesium (Mg) 2,92

  • ferric (Fe) 23868 (mg/kg dry material)


The BIOKAL 03 is based on biohumus extracts  that is very important for the plants:

  • As an effect of  irrigation or rainfall, processes of decay are triggered and easily absorbed trace elements (cations, anions) gradually dissolve. This process  -  due to the hardness of the nutritive cube – may take up to a year, ensuring thus a  continuous nutrient  supply  to the plant.

  • The organic matters contain the nutrients, they do not let them washed out from the soil after rainfall and/or watering whilst the plants can easily utilize them,

  • The soil that is rich in humus can hold its moisture content much better,

  • The organic matters loosen the soil, keep  humidity in balance, so that  the roots may get the nutrients dissolved in water more easily, but hinder drowning or suffocation of the plant,

  • The organic matters supply nutrients to the plants throughout their autolysis.

  • Humus is the power plant for micro-organisms. Such materials are made by the bacterial activity that can stick the little grains of the soil to greater aggregates thus improving  soil structure,

  • It helps the soil to warm up at the rooting zone.

  • It neutralizes dangerous materials and chemicals.

  • The nutritive cube has a  disinfecting effect,  as it contains bactericides.

  • It contributes to the development of a healthy root system due to its significant soil disinfecting effect.

  • Its use  strengthens, consolidates plants and the development of the seedlings.



BIOKAL 03 rather unexpensively ensures the needed nutrient supply, especially  for the following plants:

  • Vegetable seedlings 

  • Stand-alone plants, bushes and trees

  • Fruit trees, grapes, vine



Stand-alone plants

You can find in gardens and in parks stand-alone plants (typical and especially nice evergreens, or deciduous trees, shrubs, perennial plants) whose continuous nutritive supply is difficult to ensure.

Using BIOKAL 03 we can ensure the necessary  nutritives to our plants for a  longer  period of time, we can thus help to create or replenish  the ideal soilflora.



Vine, fruit

The right humus content of the soil is very important for the vines and fruit trees alike.

If you plant vines or fruit trees, it is suggested to put 2-3 pieces of BIOKAL 03 nutritive cube to the root of the stock and the sapling. So we can give a fast and unexpensive nutritive supply to our plants for the whole growing season. It improves the development of a healthy root system.

The use of BIOKAL 03 is certainly recommended  in the existing cultures, as well. Its lime content is very useful for the fruit trees especially in the period of crop development.


BIOKAL-03 comes in two dosages:

-   40 G  (378 pcs in a 35cm x 28 cm x 26 cm cardboard box)

-   50 G (320 pcs in a 35cm x 28 cm x 26 cm cardboard box)