Remedial phytoactive concentrate for increasing the vitality of animals



A produce with live micro-organisms and phytoextracts


Vitalizing effect on the immune system of animals


The immune system of animals is vitalized as a result of several different factors. It is achieved by indirect effects because antibacterial effects result in giving animal organisms more energy to protect themselves, and the absorption of micro-elements is essential for the operation of the immune system.



Indications (recommendations, instructions)


  • For the prevention and treatment of stomach and internal diseases

  • For increasing resistance to diseases (with the decrease in deaths)

  • For the prevention and treatment of the symptoms of anaemia

  • It increases lactation results.

  • It decreases stress effects of large scale animal keeping

  • When it is applied alongside antibiotics, it intensifies the effects of the antibiotic treatment and thus it makes curing faster.

  • It is suitable for the prevention and treatment of acute inflammations

  • It only contains natural ingredients.




herbal extracts, minerals, pollens and colloids.

Recommendation for Application:

remedial materials and minerals can be applied together with forage or drinking water. It serves the internal catalyzing of animals.


100 ml/day per 100 kg for animals kept in groups or separately.


in a dark, cool place.