For the prevention and treatment of bacterial infection of cattle


A produce with live micro-organisms and phytoextracts




An incurable disease accompanied by acute enteritis, gradual weight loss and scour


Prevention, Hygiene:


FIT-AKTI-KAL 02 aims at the prevention of the disease.

Tuberculosis bacteria (bovin) keep their virulence for a long time. They contaminate cattle, and the infection can be spread through food, milk, litter or air.

In the first stage of the infection, inflammation is noticed. Cattle organism responds with preventive measures, therefore it is important that animals have strong organisms and their immune system can limit the bacteria, which can encyst, but only strong organisms can resist and destroy them. If an organism becomes weaker, the bacteria will recover again, therefore FIT-AKTI-KAL 02 should be applied for the treatment of tuberculosis so that the immune system of cattle can become stronger.

The disease is of bacterial origin, so infection is always spread orally. The source of contamination can be the excrement and milk of sick animals, and the ground or different tools where animals defecate. These bacteria are extremely resistant (alcohol- and acid-fast), can stay alive externally for 6-8 months. Infection ususally manifests itself after calving, during the period of the second and third lactations in cows with a weakened immune system.

The most crucial point of preventing the disease is the following: although young animals are the most susceptible, if a grown-up cow gets infected, she becomes a carrier, however, she is symptom-free in most cases. Such animals spread the disease when they defecate that is why there are several animals among the negative ones which will only show the symptoms of the disease later but have already been contaminated.



Prevention preceding therapy:


  • Paratuberculosis bacteria can survive as long as several decades therefore the environment should be germ-free, roads and store rooms should always be cleaned.

  • Calves and young cows which are extremely susceptable to the disease must be bred and kept separated from older ones.

  • All hygienic rules must be kept as strictly as possible.

  • FIT-AKTI-KAL produces assure preventive technology.



herbs, antioxidants, colloids.

Recommendation for application:

For prevention: 100 ml per week for grown-up cattle, 50 ml per week for calves.


in a dark, cool place at a temperature of 10oC. To be shaken before use.