Litter space cleaner


Nowadays veterinary science favours gentle therapies. Medicines made from plant are extremely varied, can be used both externally and internally. They are suitable for treating and curing different injuries, the diseases of the digestive system and the urinogenitals, they can be used as antispasmodics and antiphlogistic drugs, and they have a beneficiary effect on the immune system.

There are no diseases caused by contaminating agents in which susceptibility to diseases does not play an important role, therefore the immune system must be strengthened. Good milkers are in a low energy condition after calving, which means that their resistance to different diseases reduces, lameness and foot ulcer can develop. Infectious dermatitis on the hooves covered by hair above the horns can lead to a loss of apetite, the animals are unable to walk, lose weight and give less milk (milk yield can reduce by 15-20 percent).

Great stress, stressful situations such as new locations and low or high temperatures, the harmful effects of reconvalescence after a disease can all be treated with FIT-AKTI-KAL 01, which is produced in a liquid form and can be dosed easily.



Recommendation for application:

Mix one litre of FIT-AKTI-KAL 03 concentrate with four litres of water and spray it on the litter sapce with fine spraying.

The spray disinfects the litter space, thus stopping the spread and multiplication of germs.

It protects the hooves of animals from different contaminations.


Frequency of application:

once or twice a week.

Benefits of FIT-AKTI-KAL 03:

the development of different diseases can be avoided.