What problems BIOKAL solves?

What are the problems that can be solved by BIOKAL PLANT STIMULATOR product family?

  • Lack of humus

Every member of BIOKAL product family has the basic component of bio-humus that supplies long lasting nutritive material to the soil in easily absorbable forms such as dilution or nutritive cubes.

  • Dry weather

While we can't control the weather, we can protect against its effects. BIOKAL improves the water economy of the plant and helps the plant survive drought or irregular rainfall.

  • Different fungi (e.g. vine-mildew, monilia) and pests

Scientific experiments have confirmed that the herb extracts and volatile oils contained in BIOKAL prevent the spread of fungi. It repels most pests such as acari, lice, fleas, moths, may beetles, worms, and bud-drilling beetles.

  • Branch decay

Branch decay can be the curse of fruit producers with trees perishing and a fall in expected yields. Regular spraying with BIOKAL 01 AND BIOKAL 02 can effectively protect against these sorts of illnesses. When the infection appears, simply cut the effected branches off and spray with BIOKAL 02. The tree will be healthy again if BIOKAL is regularly applied.

  • Small, tiny crops (roots, carrot, raspberry, strawberry, apple)

Small crops can fail as a result of dry weather, a lack of nutritive material, or because of the failure of the plant-specie. Plants treated with BIOKAL produce a bigger crop, produce more in quantity and have healthier yields.

  • Pest infestation of fruit

Because of the all-natural ingredients in BIOKAL, it can be used before, during and after blossoming of fruit. As a result, BIOKAL is highly effective in preventing pests attacking the crop.

  • Short blossoming period few pollinated seeds

BIOKAL PLANT STIMULATOR makes the blossoming period longer, and thus improves the proportion of pollinated seeds. When used with sunflowers for example, the use of BIOKAL technology significantly reduces the quantity of non-viable seed.

  • Gluten contain of wheat is on low level

By using BIOKAL the gluten content and quality is significantly increased resulting in a high standard of crop.

  • But does there exist a natural non-toxic seed treatment agent?

YES! BIOKAL 01 is a natural, non-toxic seed treatment agent, developed and researched over many years.